Every entrepreneur needs a mentor who has gone before them to show them how to navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurship. With the high cost of starting a business, it no surprise that 69% of entrepreneurs in the country start their businesses at home and scale them up when operations can support extra expenses. By joining a mentorship program and attending international speaker sessions, you will achieve the following advantages:

  1. Mentorship on how to handle every aspect of entrepreneurship: There is a lot that comes with entrepreneurship, and it is easy for budding entrepreneurs to make mistakes. By attending workshops and programs, you learn all the common entrepreneurship mistakes you will encounter and how to avoid them. Besides lessons on avoiding entrepreneurship mistakes, you learn to forecast challenges, so you are well-prepared to mitigate them if they arise. Some of the most common mistakes you will learn is that you need to have a customer-first mentality where you first find a real problem to solve before creating a product or service. The majority of entrepreneurs start from products and look for problems their products can solve.
  2. Raising capital for your business : Every business requires capital to grow. Whether you will be finding a business partner or using other means to get capital, a mentor to walk you through every step of the way will come in handy. You need to write proposals, enlist the services of a lawyer, and market your business. That’s why attending entrepreneurship workshops and programs, like those performed by Raffy Pendery, can help change your business and make you more money in the long run.
  3. Public speaking and communication skills: A lot of tech entrepreneurs struggle with public speaking and communication, especially when speaking to people who aren’t technologically inclined. But tech is not the only field affected: you need more than words to become an excellent public speaker. You must have research skills to stay up to date on new trends, composition skills to enable you to craft your message properly, and communication skills to relay this information well. You also need people skills and to learn how to connect with your audience. These are skills you will use in your business as you talk to a potential tech entrepreneur partner, your employees, and your customers.
  4. Business law and ethics: Every entrepreneur needs to know where they stand with the law. This is crucial for their business. First, there is a need to understand the types of business you can register and the legal implications they hold. These include sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited companies. You also get understand the tax implication associated with these types of business, the licenses you need to start operations, and any other legal aspects you need to be aware of. This helps you make an informed decision on which type of business to start.
  5. Pricing and negotiation skills: Every entrepreneur needs to know how they should price their products or services. There are a lot of things you need to put into consideration before you can settle on a price. How much does it cost to make? How about packaging? Through an entrepreneurship program, you will learn how to price your services and products to maximize profits and remain competitive in the market.

Raffy Pendery explains each of these vital considerations. Once sales start trickling in, you will be taught how to reinvest and expand your portfolio, cash flow management, among other day-to-day financial aspects of running a business.

After all, learning how to start a business is a continuous process. You will not learn everything in a single day, but you will keep improving your skills, and you grow and expand. However, having a helping hand, you can trust becomes vital in ensuring your success. Raffy Pendery started as a tech entrepreneur and is well versed in everything tech, public speaking, and entrepreneurship. Rely on his expertise to transform your business from good to great.