With nearly $50 billion in investment capital being devoted to startups every year, there’s money out there for every kind of wild idea. If you love the tech industry, you might be interested in becoming a tech entrepreneur. Fortunately for investors without a computer science degree, don’t even have to know how to code to get involved.

If you’re excited to get involved with the tech world, follow these 4 tips to get started with your new project.

1. Find Your Niche

Finding your niche is essential to knowing what kind of project you want to put your time into. While you might be told about a million dollar idea, if you aren’t passionate about it, every day will be a slog.

You’re better off sinking your time into something that might be less lucrative but will feel more rewarding.

If you care about health and wellness, work on something related to that industry. While you could make more money on a tech-savvy solution to cryptocurrency trading, if that’s not exciting to you, it’sn not worth your time.

2. Think About Your Investment Potential

Whether you’re talking about time or money, you need to be realistic about what kinds of resources you can commit to this new project. Being a tech entrepreneur isn’t all glamorously rewarding. Much of it will entail serious focus, long nights planning and rewriting proposals, with the endless drafting of emails and presentations.

If you end up neglecting your family or other work commitments, it’s not worth the investment. If you end up having to refinance your home to keep the company afloat, you should seek out other ways to get in the tech world.

3. Look For Mentors

No one should navigate the tech world alone. You don’t need to waste time trying to reinvent the wheel or repeat someone else’s mistakes. A mentor can help to guide you through the minefield of being an entrepreneur and help you get a leg up.

Mentors should be people who you respect and look up to. They should be people who can give you harsh criticism that you respect and will take honestly. They should also be able to speak honestly without being hurtful or obstructing your desire to create.

4. Seek Out Talent

Once you’re sure of the kind of project you’re looking to get involved in, you need to figure out how to find talent. Finding talented people is essential to building a great product.

You don’t need to know what good code looks like but you need to know what it’s like to speak with a good coder.

A Savvy Tech Entrepreneur Needs Balance

Even the best tech entrepreneur knows when to invest their time and when to pull back. You need to give the people you work with time to make mistakes and also the room to experiment. Every great project goes through a process of trial and error.

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