No one ever said that being a tech entrepreneur was easy. As you look through endless listicles of tips and tech entrepreneur advice, the plethora of information can quickly overwhelm you. Oftentimes, knowing what not to do is more helpful than a list of hundreds of tips for entrepreneurs. Take a look through these most common mistakes tech entrepreneurs can make and you’ll know the missteps you need to avoid in order to find success.

Mistake 1: Fearing the leap of faith

There are smart business moves and then there are business moves made out of fear. Making certain commitments, such as signing the dotted line of a partnership contract or giving the green light on product development, is often the most daunting part of being an entrepreneur. However, you need to embrace these leaps of faith in order to keep moving forward. Tackling these milestones can help you overcome other fears that can be hindering your success, such as having a fear of public speaking. Research has shown that those who fear public speaking make on average 10% less than those who don’t, which makes conquering this fear something you can’t afford to brush off.

Mistake 2: Taking on an unmanageable workload

While you may feel that you need to wear many hats in order to drive a young business to success, taking on too much at once oftentimes leads to failure. For this reason, choosing a manageable workload is one of the most useful pieces of tech entrepreneur advice. Set boundaries early on and identify which tasks and responsibilities you can give to other team members. As long as you’ve built a trustworthy team around you, you shouldn’t have any hesitations in delegating the workload. If you are wary, you should probably start with actually finding a team you trust.

Mistake 3: Ignoring important feedback

Feedback is what allows all industries to continue growing and developing. This is especially true in the tech industry. From the very beginning, tech entrepreneurs should proactively seek professional feedback. They should also reach out to customers as soon as their services or products hit the market. While you will likely hear a fair bit of criticism, those words also contain the most helpful directions on how you can improve.

The mistake that seems the smallest is too often the downfall of an entrepreneur. By avoiding these common entrepreneur mistakes and following the top tech entrepreneur advice, you and your business will soon be on the road to success.