I have talked with people who are unhappy about some part of work/life. If this applies to you, then this post will help you consider how you can change that.

One lesson I learned early on from my dad was, “Find something you love doing and figure out a way to make money doing it.”

That has stuck with me over the years and it’s something I have shared with many others.

If you hate your job, or something really sucks about life or the way you have something set up with your company, change it.

If you work with people, or people work for you who you don’t really like, change it. If you don’t make enough money, work out what you can produce to improve your income. Sometimes you can get a raise, but always go in on that based on increasing your production and the value you bring and you will find that you have an easier time getting a raise. Look for how you can take more responsibility, add an extra source of income, whatever. But do something to change your game.

It’s your life and you can live it the way you want. Look for how you can take control of those elements that aren’t great and you will find that you get happier and happier.¬†You will also find that you end up being more motivated, more driven and more successful.

As a note, of course there will be things to overcome that, at times, might not be super fun. But if you love what you do overall, you will work through those and continue to rock and roll in life.

Have fun and love life!