• “As a business owner and the marketing executive at our construction company, I am fairly well versed in the day-to-day needs of this industry when it comes to branding, promoting, etc. However, there was some key information I was missing that Rafferty provided, in layman’s terms, that literally opened the floodgates and have completely changed the way we run certain aspects of our business. Now we can’t slow the leads down! Our sales statistics hit highest ever two weeks ago, and I know this is a result of the help, guidance and inspiration that Rafferty gave us.”

    D.N. – Business Owner

  • “Rafferty goes out of his way to help other businesses, taking his personal time to advise and direct new business owners. He does numerous speaking engagements to benefit the business community overall and genuinely wants to see all business expand and do well.”

    G.M. – Business Owner

  • “I had the pleasure of being at several talks that Raffy did and I learned so much about basic functions and cleared up some of my confusions. He is a very good speaker and he makes sure you get it before he moves on. He’s a successful businessman in his own right so speaks from experience. Loved it.”

    D.L. – Business Owner