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5 Reasons You Need to Hiring a Marketing Advisor Right Now

Nov 30, 2017

Most business owners understand that a comprehensive marketing strategy is a key to success.

But for small businesses, it can be difficult to dedicate resources to marketing. In fact, only just over half of all small businesses have a marketing plan.

Luckily, if you’re one of the many small businesses without a marketing plan, there are options available to you. For instance, hiring a marketing advisor can be an effective way boost your strategy without straining your capacity.

Here are five signs that it’s time for your business to hire a marketing advisor.

1. You Don’t Feel Like Your Business is Growing

Many small businesses reach a frustrating point where they feel that their growth has plateaued.

While it is important to cultivate a population of loyal customers, any business will ultimately fail without gaining new clients. An advisor will help your business continue reaching new customers.

2. You’re Not Sure Who Your Target Market is

If your business has stopped growing, it may be because you are having a hard time identifying your prospective customer base. To build an effective marketing strategy, your business must understand the persona of your buyers, and how to appeal to them.

An advisor can help your business better understand the profile of customers who frequent your business. They can also help you identify new markets that you can tap into.

3. Your Website Needs an Update

Even if you aren’t an e-commerce business, your website is still important. Your business’s online presence is the first impression to the outside world.

If your website looks old and outdated, prospective customers may assume that your business is outdated too. Freshening up your website with a new look can be a great way to attract new leads.

4. You Don’t Have an SEO Strategy

Publishing great content on your website is a great way to boost traffic and attract more customers. But if your content is not search engine optimized, prospective customers will not be able to find it.

A marketing consultant will ensure that your content is optimized based on what search engine algorithms look for. This way, your page will rank higher on search engines, which will help bring in more potential customers.

5. You Aren’t Measuring Your Marketing

The only way to know whether your marketing strategies are effective is to measure your efforts. This helps you to determine whether customers are responding to particular advertisements, website designs, and content pieces.

Marketing analytics also help you to better target the money you spend on your marketing campaigns. An advisor will help you determine what your return on investment is, and which marketing strategies are not worth the cost.

Hire a Marketing Advisor Today

If you need help with your business’s marketing strategy, hiring an outside consultant can be a great option. This can give your business an objective view of where your marketing plan needs to change.

To get started with a marketing advisor, contact us. We’ll work with you to find the perfect advisor for your business.

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3 Ways an SEO Specialist Can Improve Your Online Presence

Nov 10, 2017

A study by Search Engine Watch proves that being the top search result will lead to more clickthroughs by 53%.

SEO (search engine optimization) is your ticket to boosting traffic to your website. People often choose the first result they see, which means learning how to increase your Google ranking is imperative to creating a successful website.

There are some techniques a small business owner can do to increase traffic numbers. However, hiring an SEO specialist can eliminate the stress associated with building a ranking on your own.

Read on to learn why an SEO specialist shapes the way traffic flows to your website.

1. Hiring an SEO Specialist is Better Than Doing It on Your Own

A website is only one aspect of your much larger business structure. Why not save yourself all the time it takes to craft your SEO ranking by hiring a professional?

The intelligent SEO specialist you hire will understand SEO inside and out. He or she is an expert in the field of online SEO and will know exactly how to factor in the right keywords to make sure your website is in the top search results.

As a business owner, you can hire an expert in SEO to help you out so you can focus your attention on other important operations to keep your business running smoothly. Generating sales leads will be a no-brainer once a trained expert collaborates with your business to increase your SEO rank.

2. See Better Traffic Results with Help From a Professional

Do you think your current website is not reaching out to the right audience?

By hiring a specialist, he or she can determine who your target audience is and how to attract them to click on your website search link. If your page is now ranked on the first few pages of a Google search, an expert can make adjustments to improving the ranking.

SEO tactics, such as choosing the right keywords to implement into your content, have resulted in high success rates. Convert leads into loyal customers by learning from a well-informed SEO specialist.

3. Avoid Black Hat Methods to Cheat Your Way to the Top

One final way that hiring extra help to boost your SEO rank with a specialist is to avoid making costly mistakes.

Black hat techniques are when illegal methods are used to boost the ranking of your site. Avoiding this path is something an SEO expert can ensure happens.

Keyword stuffing and spam-commenting are two black hat techniques that will make Google quickly push your website down the list.

Talk to your SEO consultant to discuss what techniques he or she will use to promote your website so these harmful tactics are not involved.

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Empathy and the Importance of Leadership

Nov 3, 2017

Empathy is the ability to truly understand someone by being able to “walk a mile in their shoes,” or see situations and events from their perspective. It’s an innate human trait that has a place in every scenario. The importance of leadership and the relationship between it and empathy cannot be understated.

We frequently wish for someone to put themselves in our place so that they’ll understand us better. However, we are less likely to do the same for others, especially in a leadership position.

Great leaders form strong relationships with their team members. Empathy, especially from a leader, is a crucial aspect of any rock-solid group.

Read on to learn why this often neglected ability is one businesses absolutely need for sustained success.

Empathy Shows You Value Relationships

Employees, no matter what their position, are first and foremost individuals. They are unique people, with their own special concerns, preferences, beliefs, and struggles.

Taking the time to acknowledge an employee or team member as a whole person will help you understand

  • Workplace difficulties and how to resolve them
  • Why this person takes certain approaches to problems
  • What motivates this person to do better
  • What role is best for this individual in a team setting
  • What makes this particular person feel secure

When you value relationships with individuals, you demonstrate it by finding out who they are and what makes them tick. You show empathy for the individual.

You are not merely issuing commands. You are functioning within a relationship with a person and actively working with them to accomplish a goal.

Putting Others Before Yourself

Putting others first is critical in establishing productive work relationships. The importance of leadership that incorporates an “others first” mentality cannot be emphasized enough.

Leadership is a huge responsibility, not a display of privilege and power. Team members respond to a leader who is willing to make their individual needs and concerns a priority.

Team members will also have more respect for a leader who is aware of the types of work being performed and accompanying challenges. This gives leaders authority from credibility, not just from a title.

Empathetic leaders empower others so they can reach their full potential and succeed. They do not insist on ruling over others. The goal is to build others up so that productivity and harmony will follow.

The Importance of Leadership and Empathy in Business Success

To succeed, a business needs to have cohesiveness between leadership and team members. Close-knit relationships will lead to more trust between leaders and their team, which naturally results in better, more effective communication.

Clear communication is a positive manifestation of the established trust and loyalty that empathy encourages. Businesses make progress and maintain momentum when each tier effectually connects within the framework of a company.

The goals of a business and those of its employees align so that effort is made for the good of all, not for the power of a few.

The knowledge that leaders are there to help, not demand, motivates team members to do their best to ensure team success. They feel their role in the process is valuable.

Leadership is About Responsibility

Responsibility encompasses more than task delegation and whip-cracking. It requires a holistic approach that includes, not alienates, every contributing person. A great leader utilizes encouragement and empathy, not blame or threats.

When you can understand where someone is coming from and work with them, the business benefits as a whole.

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