5 Situations When You Should Fire Your Client

Feb 20, 2017

There is lots of material out there written about how to maintain a healthy client relationship, but very little written on when to let go of a stubborn or uncooperative client. Of course, the first thing you want to do is try and resolve any issue that might be steering you towards terminating your client relationship. However, when your client’s demands or habits go from occasionally being difficult to interfering with you or your employee’s health and wealth, it’s time to really look and see if they are a perfect fit.Continue Reading

The Difference Between a Business Owner And An Employee

Jan 13, 2017

Starting a business is a lucrative option more and more people are choosing to explore as a career path. The potential benefits are outstanding, but people often misunderstand all of the responsibilities that come with owning a business. Earning potential and flexible schedules are the main benefits generally associated with entrepreneurship. However, a business owner’s money and time are subject to risk and fluctuation, a departure from the stability and security of being an employee. The rewards of entrepreneurship often outweigh the risks, but it is a lifestyle that will require a certain mindset and skill set to do successfully.

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5 Simple Tricks to Keep your Staff Happy and Productive

Dec 30, 2016

The performance of your staff is essential to the success of your business. Dealing with a diverse group of people, with different skill sets and roles can be challenging. I have always felt that a productive staff is a happy staff, and a valued staff is a loyal staff. Here are some things I have implemented to increase the effectiveness of my staff, as well as their well being in the workplace.

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Secrets to Staying Focused on Your Business

Dec 12, 2016

Distractions can be the death of your entrepreneurial endeavors. The digital age has opened countless opportunities to grow and expand your business, but it has also opened a huge number of possible distractions. Looking beyond the screens in your life, there are also numerous aspects of your life that can negatively affect your focus on your business, and some of them may surprise you.
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What to Do if You Want to End a Business Partnership

Sep 5, 2016

If you aren’t sure it’s time to end your business venture, I wrote another post that can help you out: 6 Signs It’s Time to Cut Business Ties.

First off, I’m not an advocate for ending business relationships if they can, and should be salvaged. But I also know first hand what it’s like to drag and partnership on and on that should have been ended earlier. It’s no fun for anyone.

So you have decided to end the business partnership, what do you do now?
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6 Signs It’s Time to Cut Business Ties

Aug 5, 2016

I get opportunities to speak to business owners all over the world. My focus is how you can build a business you aren’t trapped in, that enable you to have the life you want. It’s about life and business transformation. One common problem people have is partners who make life difficult. This is no fun for anyone. So what do you do?
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Loving What You Do For Work

May 5, 2016

I have talked with people who are unhappy about some part of work/life. If this applies to you, then this post will help you consider how you can change that.

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