Whether you’re a small firm lawyer or an attorney for the supreme court, there are a few common issues that any legal professional can experience.

If you’re thinking about joining the legal field, here are some of the most common challenges that you could face as a lawyer.

Grappling with new technology

Now that everything is available online, lawyers have experienced challenges trying to outline the law for their client. While it’s recommended that a person seeking legal counsel get as much information regarding their case as they can, some are being influenced by unreliable online sources. This can create numerous hoops that a lawyer has to jump through as they correct untrue pieces of information.

New technology has also impacted trial proceedings. Dashboard cameras on cars and other monitoring devices have transformed how we view criminal cases. When piecing together who’s at fault, these new pieces of technology can make or break a case.

Changing regulations

Between marijuana legalization and increasing environmental regulations, lawyers have to become experts regarding law changes and what is considered a criminal act.

This can take more time than you expect. While many of these laws are expanding rights and preventing environmental harm, a lawyer must set aside ample study time off the clock.

Public speaking issues

Not all lawyers are naturally outgoing. In fact, between 58% and 64% of lawyers have speaking anxiety. The courtroom heralds confident public speakers, making this source of anxiety detrimental to a criminal case.

This is also a common issue among tech entrepreneurs and those wondering how to start a business. While many think that public speaking is an innate talent, it’s actually a learnable skill that takes practice and dedication to master. If you’re one of the many lawyers or new entrepreneurs who struggle to speak publicly, rely on the experience of Rafferty Pendery.

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