When it comes to building and growing a successful business, sometimes delegation is key.

As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting to want to handle and control every task. However, you’re busy with important matters that require your attention.

Outsourcing some tasks to Upwork can be a tremendous weight lifted from your shoulders. If you’re bogged down with too much to do and need to take some things off your plate, below are the three best jobs to outsource to Upwork.

1. Best Job to Outsource to Upwork: Customer Service

In a brand new startup, handling the questions and concerns of the customer base usually falls to the founder.

After a while, however, your business should start to grow. At this point, there may be too many inquiries coming in for you to handle them all yourself.

Don’t be upset — this was the entire goal of launching your startup, after all!

If it’s time to hand over the customer service reins, rest assured that there are many capable hands willing to lighten your load. With proper training of a qualified team, customer service will be off your plate — and on its way up — in no time.

2. IT Work

IT work is another aspect of a growing business that is essential but time-consuming. It may be difficult to entrust your IT needs to a freelancer found on Upwork, but it’s an important step for your business.

Yes, IT work is a crucial peg in keeping your business running, but it doesn’t have to be something that detracts from your other important tasks. There are many other qualified people who can handle your startup’s IT needs — and maybe do an even better job than you could.

Plus, because of its digital nature, IT work can easily be completed by a remote team. Outsourcing is cost-effective for many reasons, and this is one of them.

Delegating your IT work to a third party allows someone else to perform this essential task, whether onsite or from anywhere in the world.

3. Human Resources

Believe it or not, many companies outsource their human resources tasks. As you launch and grow a startup, managing payroll and employee benefits is not something you should be worrying about.

Find a qualified freelancer on Upwork who can handle your company’s human resources needs. You will be amazed at how much space it frees up in your brain.

Plus, outsourcing human resources can be more cost-effective. You are only paying for the time needed to do the job, and you don’t need to provide an additional onsite workspace for the person doing the job.

In addition, an HR freelancer who specializes in this area will be far more helpful than someone trying to learn the ropes as they juggle other tasks. Instead of hiring someone around you who is just an okay fit, search from a pool around the world to find the best fit.

As you allow yourself to focus on brand growth, you will wonder why you did not delegate more tasks sooner.

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