Research shows that about 69% of entrepreneurs start their venture at home. As more people transition to working remotely, public speaking may not seem critical for business.

However, it is wise for entrepreneurs to hone their public speaking skills. Regardless of your industry, you can share your entrepreneurial journey or give tips on fashion or offer tech entrepreneur advice. Here are five ways it can be beneficial for your career and business.

1. It Is a Valuable Soft Skill

Public speaking is a soft skill that most employers require today when recruiting new members of staff. It is a powerful form of communication, especially when you need to reach out to a large group of people.

As a business person, there are many ways public speaking will positively impact your venture. It will boost your confidence when talking about your ideas to the press or at conferences. Personalities like Rafferty Pendery have been making connections with industry leaders by giving talks and tech entrepreneur advice.

2. It Helps You Publicize Your Expertise

As a public speaker, you can set yourself apart from your competition by giving talks at conferences and industry events. Many international speakers are making an impact by sharing their personal stories and their journey.

Rafferty Pendery started his first company when he was 11. He currently provides tech entrepreneur advice and solutions to Fortune 500 businesses. But he also experienced failure before he became successful. By sharing both the positive and negative aspects of your experiences, you make the presentation more relatable.

3. It Helps You Popularize Your Profile and Brand

Public speaking creates many opportunities to talk to clients and potential business partners. Giving an impactful talk on tech entrepreneur advice can create a buzz for your ideas, skills, and experience. You can soft sell your brand, which can be more persuasive than cold-pitching to clients.

The presentation may prompt business prospects to search your brand online, and it may generate clicks for your tech blog. If your message is aligning with the relevant audiences, you can capitalize on the attention to popularize your brand.

4. It Helps You Network with Other Professionals

Public speaking not only puts your skills and ideas out there, but it also gives you insights into your clients. For example, after a tech entrepreneur advice presentation at a conference, you may get follow-up questions from the audience.

Such queries can allow you to see their perspective on the solutions you are presenting. You can use the feedback to gauge their level of understanding on a given subject. The information can enhance your presentation when you appear for conferences in the future.

5. It Helps You Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Taking part in public speaking events will prepare you to come up with ideas for a better presentation. As the business grows, you’ll be reaching out to a bigger market, and so you should always be ready. As it is with any skill, the more you practice, the better you will get.

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Entrepreneurs can benefit a great deal by working on their public speaking skills. Whether you are giving a talk on health or tech entrepreneur advice, it can positively impact your business. Remember that practice is essential for honing and perfecting your craft. With time, you’ll build confidence and sharpen your communication skills until it is no longer a challenge for you.