Did you know that highly engaged employees are more than twice as productive, yet 70% of American workers are not engaged at work? Several polls confirm this testament to the importance of great hr processes.

You can greatly improve employee engagement by developing and maintaining the right company culture.

Company culture drives employee motivation and behavior. Maintaining the right company culture leads to higher performance and more loyal employees, bad company culture does the opposite.

Let’s take a look at how you can adapt your hr processes to create a workplace where employees thrive, care and take pride in their work.

Refine Company Culture

You can’t develop a good company culture without a well-thought-out structure and end goal.

Start with alignment. Gather management to define company culture. When you have a clear idea of your ideal company culture, assess out how it fits your business strategies, and how well employees think it matches their experience in the workplace.

Adjust and make plans to fix any misalignments. Make sure the leadership’s picture of company culture mirrors how the employees really see it. Otherwise, your management is leading in blindness and unable to make optimal decisions, and your workers feel mistreated and ignored.

Learn from your employees and adapt your hr processes, because the company will only go as far as the workers take it.

Hiring and Training

Handle prospects and new recruits as people, not just labor. Imagine them with the group, and their relation to your company culture. Are they a good fit? Make company culture part of the hiring process and bring new employees smoothly into the community.

Activity doesn’t equal results. The position you’re offering is more than an activity. Focus on results, what this person will achieve for the company. Both in their immediate tasks and as a part of your team with a mission.

Using perks for motivation is inefficient if you haven’t established perks that are tailored to your workforce’s needs and wants. Hear them out, adjust as needed, and save money by cutting out unwanted perks.

Keep employees happy to keep them motivated and efficient. Satisfied employees will spread a good reputation for your business. Fewer employees quit, more people seek employment with your business. Thus you’ve made future hr processes more efficient.

Ensure an environment of happiness and you maintain motivation, independence, trust and belief in the company.

Eliminating Clashes

Carefully assign leaders with a clear sense of direction for the team, project, and company culture. Choose ones that care and take pride in their work.

Think of what state of mind you want your workers to maintain, and pick leaders that brilliantly represent it.

Remember that high-performers easily lose motivation. Don’t keep them thinking they’re doing more work with more accountability and less help without due compensation.

Ensure that great work is recognized and rewarded to prevent animosity between workers, and inspire more workers to strive for higher performance.

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