As a tech entrepreneur, it’s common to have some sort of anxiety tied to the thought of public speaking. In fact, three out of four individuals suffer from speech anxiety. It can feel crippling but with dedication and much practice, anyone can improve.

Effective communication can lead to new opportunities and professional connections. For a tech entrepreneur, this holds especially true. Thankfully, there are several ways to ease your nerves before delivering a speech to a small or large crowd. With consistent practice, you can become a strong public speaker in no time.

Find a Local Meetup Group:

It’s a great idea to get familiar with local meetup groups that focus on public speaking. You can attend and observe at first, then eventually work your way up to presenting something. Interest groups are a great way to improve in a supportive environment.

Let Family and Friends Critique You

If starting your journey presenting to total strangers scares you, that’s okay; try to practice speaking in front of family or friends instead. Choose attentive loved ones so you can gather insightful feedback. If gathering a large group is nearly impossible for you, then prepare a speech and video record yourself. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses without judging yourself too harshly. Use that feedback to improve with each recording. Be sure to take note of anything that can be distracting for the viewer.

Prepare Strong Talking Points

Begin by discussing topics that you’re most passionate about. The audience will resonate with your authenticity and be able to instantly connect with you. It’s important to develop strong talking points in your speech that you can be confident in. Consider creative ways to apply what inspires you and motivates you. This is a great time for the digital entrepreneurs to dig deep and utilize their many available resources.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice!

Rehearse your speech until it becomes familiar. Don’t be afraid to make any necessary modifications. If you’re uncomfortable with something — or just can’t seem to grasp the delivery — move a few sentences around or omit it altogether. Revisions can help drastically improve the flow of your speech. Knowing that you’re capable of delivering your speech can help to ease anxiousness on your big day.

Don’t Let a Mistake Define Your Speech

Don’t get hung up on any hiccups or mistakes when you give your presentation. Remember that the audience is human, too. Not even paid international speakers always have a perfect delivery. Stay focused on successfully delivering your message while you have the audience’s attention. A great speech can’t be ruined by a mistake unless you allow it to be, so muscle through it! You can acknowledge your mistake in a joking manner if you feel it’ll help you comfortably move forward.

As a tech entrepreneur, you’ve already overcome various obstacles. For more advice on how to become a tech entrepreneur, rely on Rafferty Pendery today.