Apple, notably one of the biggest names in the tech game changed how we communicate and share information. It shrunk the entire world down to pocket-sized proportions, making everything more accessible. To make matters more impressive, Jobs did all this working out of a garage in Palo Alto, California.

Now, thanks to our modern technology and the ideas and principles he left behind, it’s easier than ever to follow in his footsteps. Around 69% of entrepreneurs have founded companies right out of their own home. It’s an impressive feat, and if you ask any young business owner, it sure beats working a typical nine to five.

Utilizing the web efficiently by mastering your social media skills is the key to success. But no social media channel can hope to survive without starting a blog. This simple tool can help a business grow in ways you never dreamed of.

How an entrepreneurship blog can help your business grow

A blog adds more personality to your business’ site. Not only can it help establish the tone of your business, but it also helps your website rank better on Google when it utilizes SEO marketing. You’ll also be creating easily sharable content that can be sent to every corner of the web. A blog even can help you market your products or services, providing a useful way for you to share engaging content and reviews with your audience.

What to Write About

A business owner can write about their particular set of skills as well as their achievements. This is vital for an up-and-coming entrepreneur. Here are some possible topics for your entrepreneurship blog:

  • Common entrepreneur mistakes
  • Entrepreneur tips
  • How to start a business
  • How to finance your startup

Use your experience to sell your skills to your readers. By sharing your knowledge on a particular topic, you’ll find your business growing in no time. Use your entrepreneurship blog to make connections with individuals who value your advice. Try gaining ideas for your entrepreneurship blog by following industry leaders in your field.

Setting up your blog

If you’re convinced that starting an entrepreneurship blog is the right decision for you, here are some easy steps to help get you started.

  1. Select a domain name. Preferably something short and simple.
  2. Search for web hosting. You’ll need a hosting provider if you want your blog to look professional. Through a web hosting service, you will have complete creative control over the look of your blog.
  3. Come up with a publishing schedule. You want to remain consistent. Even if you only have time to post once a week, try to commit to a set time.
  4. Find an appropriate theme to suit your style.
  5. Brainstorm your first post.
  6. Write, proofread, and finally publish your first post.
  7. Don’t forget to share it on social media!

Thanks to modern technology, you can start a business from the comfort of your own home. You’ll also market your business and entrepreneurship skills without ever leaving the house. For more information on starting an entrepreneurship blog, rely on the talent of Rafferty Pendery to begin.